• The stock options trading market is full of options traders. They buy and sell stock options to earn profits. The option trading market is one of the most popular investment strategies. However, many new investors find it confusing and complicated. If you are looking for options trading information and tips, this article can help you.

    The…[Read more]

  • As a trader, you probably know how cap table trading is an extremely complex market. For as long as you can remember, traders have been using various methods, strategies and systems in order to make their money even more. What’s even more difficult is that even if you don’t know all the tricks and tips of the trade, it’s still your job to make a…[Read more]

  • A VC cap table (cap table) creates a simplified framework from venture capital investors’ view in order to give a basic overview of an angel investor and employee partnership ownership within a venture or budding startup. In that post, we discussed VC Term Sheets and why they are relevant to the investment decision making process. Specifically, we…[Read more]

  • ” Founders Equity Pool” is a joint venture initiative from The Boston Consulting Group and Founders Equities, LLC. ” Founders Equity Pool” is an investment in early-stage companies by third party mutual funds. These funds use a selection process that includes valuation of the company by paying an independent third party a fee based on their…[Read more]

  • A convertible note cap table is a useful financial tool that many entrepreneurs use in their ventures. If you are thinking about venturing into the business world there is no doubt that you will need capital. You may be able to get venture capital from friends and family or from someone else that has a lot of money that they are willing to lend…[Read more]

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